Thursday, 3 September 2015 - Tip and earn Bitcoins by posting and answering inquiries.

Many people around the world struggle with the concept of obtaining their first piece of a Bitcoin. That is mostly because of a lack of education in this area;  everyone assumes you have to buy Bitcoin to get some. But there are other alternatives as well, which do not require you to buy anything. The only cost involved is a bit of your time.

If you are truly interested in Bitcoin and digital currency, there is no better way to go about it than by reading up and learning new things on a daily basis. BitforTip will let you do exactly that, as you can ask any question about anything you want to know, and reward the best answer with a small Bitcoin tip.

This platform also works the other way around, too, as you can put your knowledge and expertise to good use by answering other people’s questions.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a Bitcoin tip shortly. To make it even more interesting, not all questions and answers have to relate to Bitcoin itself, but they are more common than others.

To post your first question, your account will need to be funded with a very tiny amount of Bitcoin. The amount of your balance can be used to reward the person with the most valuable answer to your question. Once you have found the most fitting answer to your question, simply release the reward from your balance, and you are all done.

The minimum fee for posting a question is 0.0001 Bitcoin – worth roughly US$0.02 at the time of publication, which is generally the case with these platforms.  There is also a maximum reward in place, which is equal to your total Bitcoin balance.  As is always the case with these new platforms, never store too many BTC on there, as this is not a Bitcoin wallet service.

The Future of BitForTip

In its current form, the BitForTip website is easy on the eyes, even though it may appear borderline bland.  There are quite a few questions listed already, and it will be interesting to see whether or not more and more people will begin using this platform. We need more educational platforms that are tied to Bitcoin and digital currency, making BitForTip a welcome addition to that list.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How to Use and Activate CaptchaPro Software.

Today , I have come up with a awesome captcha typing software named ,CaptchaPro". Its a most famous and fastest data entry software which gives fast flow of captcha images while working with multiple ids. This software is only available in Monthly Basis. Its Licence key is just $1 / month.

Here is the Tutorial below how to download it and activate , add ids on it. :

Step 1 :

Download the zip file from  and Extract the file to one folder and run the "Captcha" named executable file in the extracted folder.

Snapshot :

Step 2 :

After running the software , one box will open like below . You will find the Code in 1st box ( field ). You need to Provide that Code to the Licence key seller who is me (myself).  After that Licence key seller will use that code to generate the Licence key for you.

After you received the Licence from the Seller, copy and paste the exact licence key to the second box (    field ) and Finished. Your Captcha pro software is ready to use and activated.

If you want to buy the licence key. comment here.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Google Captchas and Confident Captchas with High Rates.

Captchatypers have now increased the rates for new coming captchas,i.e., Google Captchas and Confident Captchas. These types of Captchas are only high paying than regular captchas.
There are 3 types of High Paying Captcha Categories.

  1. Case Sensitive Captchas
  2. Google Captchas
  3. Confident Captchas
  4. Regular Captchas

  How to Solve These Captchas :

  1. Case Sensitive Captcha with Example below.

     Check above Image example. Its showing " rabbited Mali ". So you have to type it in Case Sensitive like "rabbited Mali". When you will be shown this type of captcha, "Case sensitive " will be written above the image in blue color . That means you must type it in Case sensitive only or it will be incorrect.

2. Regular Captchas with Example Below :

 Above Given Image showing the text to type is " promotion". This is a regular captcha which means you  need to type it this captcha in only small letters though it is showing in case sensitive also. You can type "promotions". 

3. Confident Captchas with Example below:

Above Given Image is a Confident Captcha. In this image , you will be asked to select flower, tv, animal, forest, so write the letter or number given above the image in blue color.  So, the Answer will be 1548.

4. Google Captchas with Example below:


Above Shown image is a Google Captcha. This category is similar to confident captcha images. Here question is to choose all pictures which has icecream so you type the numbers above images which has icecreams.Here correct answer is 5689.
Rates for Above Categories :

1. Case Sensitive Captchas.

    9AM to 9PM - 0.80$ per 1k

    9PM to 9AM - 1.00$ per 1k

2. Google Captchas and Confident Captchas ( Same rates ) :

    7am to 7pm - 1.3$ per 1k
    7pm to 12am - 1.7$ per 1k
    12am to 7am - 2.2$ per 1k

You can solve above all 3 types of captchas after you login to your working id on below given url .
Link :